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ragaZagar: Isaiah Zagar Mosaics

Renowned Mosaic Mural Artist, Isaiah Zagar, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, will participate in an artist residency in Topeka June 4 - 15, 2015 and lead workshops to better enhance Topeka urban art and the 80' long mural project in NOTO.


The 23rd annual Mulvane Art Fair is June 6 - 7 at Washburn University and features 14 Topeka-area artists, food vendors and a beer garden near the music stage.

green gals

Kimberly Daugherty founded Green Gals in 2012 as a way to fulfill a desire in her life to grow and learn. After working in corrections for over 10 years, Kimberly decided to focus on her family and step away from the prison system. Her time “out of prison” so ...

tradepost today

youngblood brings new life to a once aging Topeka business. Not all that long ago, I was a 90s teen who would spend hours listening to CDs. I was always trying to keep up with what MTV told me was cool, but I also listened to a lot of classic rock and older j...


It is midday; the sun beats hot against my face as I approach my foe. This unassuming adversary stands alone, waiting, it seems, to be taken by surprise and fall before the might of this ninja. Hand upon my weapon, I enter… FRIENDLINESS I enter and am imme...
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GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE installation sculpture artists / brothers co-create and expand their own imagination and perception Although most artists work in solitude, installation sculpture artists and brothers Byron Goodspeed (Topeka) and Joshua Markley (M...


Don't expect to hear "Mustang Sally" from The Phaders, who champion themselves on providing audiences with a more diverse style of rock covers; performing more than just classics of rocks, but deeper tracks - the ones which have slipped through the cracks.

boom comics

When I first met Matthew Kreger, owner of Boom Comics, at Topeka’s inaugural comic book convention, TopCon, last September. At that time, Boom Comics was on the drawing board, but Matthew’s charisma was center stage.  Several local comic retailers were ...

bands + bbq

Topeka’s offerings of outdoor music venues is dismal, to say the least. While a handful of bars offer outdoor music spaces (and we thank you), Topeka truly lacks a larger outdoor venue space inside the city limits (think Kansas City’s Crossroads). That is, ‘ti...

guacamole mexicana

margaritas jalisoc The appetizer guacamole mexicana is typically a bowl of mashed avocados folded in with tomatoes, cilantro, and onions and is a much more enhanced side that will make you dream in green. Margaritas Jalisco’s guacamole mexicana, however...