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– We are proud to co-sponsor the 2017 WingFling competition. Join us Saturday, DEC 16 at 2p for all you can eat wings, Happy Basset Brewing Co. brews, live music, games and more. the nittygritty

food ninja

As the sun sets in the west, and the cicadas begin their haunting chorus, our Food Ninja prepares for battle. His unsuspecting foes – local restaurants. He measures his fierce competitors on atmosphere, friendliness, menu, food and funds. He is humble in successes and shares his defeats. Read the battle scores.


Since 2012, @TopekaBeer has connected Topeka beer lovers with craft brew news, events, promotions and more. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter at @topekabeer

Just a spoon full of arts

Arts are culture. They are the two ingredients needed to create, engage and ignite the character and climate of our city. Lit, poetry, music, images are the universal stories that speak of our values and identity as individuals in this collective space. Art is an economic boaster but more importantly supports critical thinking.

seveneightfive values and supports our local artist by bringing their stories to you. We hope, in return, you will visit the artist, ask questions and support them through financial purchases or contributions.

topeka, a great arts town

It's about the people

You are the heartbeat of our community. That’s why we feature you, upcoming businesses, Women Who Rock, and more in every issues. Explore our lifestyle features and immerse yourself in your top city.


seveneightfive magazine debuted June 2006. Since then we have adapted to our ever changing community. Starting in 2018 we will be changing our print publication dates and introducing new tools for interacting with your city. Stay tuned. In the meantime, pick up the latest issue or read it online. Cheers! -Kerrice