Brush off your dancey-pants ’cause we’ve got antsy-pants for a double dose of live music and live painting.

Two Wolves’ Alexander Lancaster will be riffing on the vibes Nate Dingman unleashes to create a work of art before your very eyes at the event dubbed “Paint in Motion To Music” on Friday, September 20 at 7p.

“The goal is to let the live music of Nate inspire the painting,” wrote Alexander via their Facebook event.

NATE DINGMAN: acoustic music for the curious ear

Not only is Nate Dingman’s live show good for your soul, Alexander’s ability to deliver in front of a crowd is something to see as well. Grab the pack you run with and head downtown to Two Wolves. The howling begins when everyone is in.

-William L. Domme –


View a video from a live paint collaboration hosted at Brass Rail Tavern. Warning, the quality of the video is lackluster, but the luster of the vibe can still be felt. Thanks! -Kerrice

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