MAY 1 – 7

#785Instatakeover MAY 1 – 7
by // Kerrice


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Adrian is an accomplished photographer and caught our eye with his drone videography of Topeka events and places. A Topeka native – Adrian works at Goodyear Tire and Rubber and is a lawn care fanatic. “Taken’ care of my lawn and helping others with theirs is what I like to do,” said Adrian. A devote husband, father and grandpa – he most recently joined the Board of Topeka LULAC Senior Center, the place that gave his father much comfort in the later part of his life. On a mission to spread the word (planting those seeds) about the good work that LULAC provides, Adrian has partnered to start “Monday Coffee with Seniors” a video-cast with Seniors at the center sharing their thoughts and wisdom. Join us this week as Adrian takes over seveneightfive‘s Instagram account and gives you a look at Topeka, from his eyes. Follow him at @mrarevels.