I’m not really much of a barbeque kind of girl. Let me rephrase that: I’m not really much of a “go outside, light up the grill and throw slabs of raw meat on an open flame” kind of girl. I like my place in the kitchen and I have an incessant fear of singeing off my impeccably shaped eyebrows. I do enjoy a good BBQ on occasion, I just prefer to leave the open flame to the experts.

It’s really no wonder barbeque is synonyms with Kansas City. Gates, Jack Stack, Arthur Bryant’s and a slew of amazing BBQ joints have put the Midwest on the map for this simple delicacy of meat and perfectly seasoned sauce. Topeka is no stranger to our very own admirable BBQ joints.

Let’s welcome the newest member to the society who turn smoked and grilled meats (or even tofu and tempeh, for our animal loving friends) into a work of culinary art, Uncle Sunny’s Special Blend Gourmet BBQ Sauce.  Okay, so that’s a mouthful, but so is your mouth while you are chowing down on a rack of ribs slathered in this stuff. Uncle Sunny’s catch phrase, “It’s Dang Good” speaks for itself. I will never tell a lie when it comes to food, this sauce is delish. In fact the cliché “finger lickin’ good” describes it best, as we all know there is no dignified way to eat barbeque.

The fact that I am one to leave the grillin’ and smokin’ to the experts, I did what I do best: dress up my otherwise boring, boneless, skinless chicken breast with Uncle Sunny’s and the results were amazing. Sweet, tangy with a hint of heat, this BBQ sauce trumps all the one’s I have tried from my neighborhood supermarket. Not too thick and not too thin, the consistency is perfect.

Check out their website at unclesunnys.com for a list of local vendors, testimonials and recipes. Then go out, buy some Uncle Sunny’s, fire up the grill and savor the moments of summer BBQing even though it’s February. Hey, spring’s just around the corner, and please, invite your favorite seveneightfiver’s over for dinner!

Look! Uncle Sunny’s is in the running for a Reader’s Choice Award at about.com for best BBQ sauce. Go on over and vote!

[ Erin Wynkoop | photo by EJ Drake | reposted from seveneightfive print Oct. 15, 2010 ]

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