Q. What’s your favorite drink to make?
A. Pretty much any drink. I don’t mind making what ever’s fast-paced. Anything that has crazy combinations is going to slow down the process.

Q. What is your favorite drink to actually drink?
A. I like Bloody Mary’s if they’re made right. That, Tennessee Honey on the rocks, vodka and Redbull and beer.

Q. How long have you been tending bar?
A.  I’ve been bar tending for about two and a half years, now. I started working [at Tailgator’s] in the kitchen, then got moved out here with everybody else and have been doing it ever since.

Q. Can you tell me the best way to get your attention on a busy night?
A. Definitely NOT waving money or slapping the bar. Just eye contact, and I’ll notice that you need help. So the worst way is waving money around, or snapping fingers, or whatever.

Q. What is the best part of tending bar?
A. All the people you get to know. I’ve met so many people here. If you actually come out to this bar, you’ll understand the crowd that comes here is different from other bars you’ll go to.

Q. How is it different?
A. Pretty much, people act like they’re family.. a majority of them do. That’s what’s kept me here for so long, and the people I work with. We have an amazing staff and we all get along.

Q. Words of advice for other bartenders?
A. I’ve heard that its always sunny in St. Louis.

Q. We at seveneightfive tend to have a fascination with bartenders and beards. Is this about the normal length you keep your beard?
A. I’ve definitely had it a lot longer. [A coworker] and I had a competition to see who could grow it out the longest.

Q. How’d that go? Who won?
A. Nobody won [laughs]. I tried to trick him by saying one of the bosses was making me shave it off, so he won. So he cut his off, but he tried to say in reality I lied to him and forced him out of it. But I always had the beard on; I never shaved it off.

Q. Share your super secret recipe: The Trashcan. What is it?
A. It’s a Long Island with Blue Curacao, in a half full glass. You take a full Redbull and tilt it over into the glass, and as the Redbull mixes in with the Long Island you stir it with your straw. It will do some serious damage to you.

[Interview by Kara Garcia | Photography by Amber Farmer]

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