The upcoming holiday, Cinco de Mayo, although recognized regionally in Mexico, is more widely celebrated in the USA. So it makes sense that one of the most recognized and widely consumed breweries in the U.S. has taken on the task of providing beverages to help us celebrate the occasion. In the midst of the kinetic frenzy of the Cinco do Mayo fiestas, it may prove difficult to keep track of your favorite drink’s ingredients. Our friends at Anheuser Busch sympathize with our plight and offer low maintenance choices to quench our thirst amidst the Mexican food.

Landshark Lager
Let’s start with the very drinkable Landshark Lager. This refreshing lager is brewed with a complex blend of hop varietals. It is easily enjoyed by itself, or makes a nice accompaniment to fish tacos. Top those tacos off with some sliced jalapenos, and the tingly coolness of the Landshark Lager on your tongue will be that much more appreciated.

Bud Light Lime
Next we have Bud Light Lime. Keeping with the Mexican tradition of adding lime to anything that doesn’t move, it is essentially a Bud Light, without the hassle of squeezing your own limes. This goes excellent with a fully-loaded plate of nachos or a sweet mango salsa with salty tortilla chips.

The Bud Light Lime is a versatile beer as Budweiser recommends adding it to their Lime-a-Rita. A tall glass of ice (salted rim is optional) beholds a refreshing treat (margarita with a twist, as the can says) with this blend of products. The Lime-a-Rita is available for a limited time over the summer, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to give this a try, with or without the addition of the Bud Light Lime.

[Story by Kevin Reed | Photograph by Colin MacMillan | Nathan Ham Photography | April 2012]

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