The Robin’s Nest, at 1620 SW 6th Street, is merely a stone’s throw from St. Francis Health Center. Although your doctor may not approve, the Nest serves up some prime bar fare along with ice cold beer. Case in point, the delicious pork tenderloin sandwich.

Made to order, this sandwich begins with the hand-cut tenderloin, fresh from Dillon’s butcher counter. It is dipped in Robin’s Nest’s own egg wash, seasoned gently, then fried to a very pleasant golden-brown crispiness.

The pork tenderloin is delivered to your table tucked into a bun, with a lettuce leaf, white onion slices, a tomato wheel, and dill pickle slices awaiting your selection. A small cup of mayo is also available, as well as the obligatory ketchup and mustard bottles. I doctored my sandwich with just a shmear of mayo,while my lunch companion drowned hers in yellow mustard, pickle and onion. She then complained she couldn’t taste the pork tenderloin. Take my advice, the key word here is, “tender.”

My choice of side was the hand-cut style fries, spiced up with some black pepper. A crisp Bud Light is the perfect accompaniment, or if returned to work, enjoy a classic Coca-Cola. And a word of warning: you just may see your doctor at the next table.

[Story + photo by Rio Cervantes-Reed | June 2012]

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