It is midday; the sun beats hot against my face as I approach my foe. This unassuming adversary stands alone, waiting, it seems, to be taken by surprise and fall before the might of this ninja. Hand upon my weapon, I enter…

I enter and am immediately greeted with an enthusiasm that is only matched by that of the village children when I have returned from battle with gifts and stories to regale them with. The fierce tenacity with which I approached this foe is knocked out of me straight away. Have I entered some enchanted land where niceties are thrown with such ease? Nay, I have entered Harold’s Prize Package and I am taken by surprise by my enemy… I must regain the battlefield.

This small and dated establishment holds no seating, and limited waiting area. At first this appears to be the advantage I need, but upon further assessment of my foe, I realize it is the establishment that has the advantage. Although I would like to dine in, I see the benefit of the set up. Faster cycling of the customers is a plus and with food of their likes, the line is long for vittles. Outdoor seating seems to be an option in the summer months.

Superb. A solid western burger if ever I have encountered such a thing. Savory, flavorful, and filling, Prize Package deals another blow to my senses and defenses that leaves me staggering and struggling to catch my wind. Nothing fancy, just good old fashioned American beef.

The variety of wares available for consumption is impressive. This adversary is worthy indeed. Plenty to choose from and no two items the same, including a selection of tonics and tinctures (sodas and the like) that would rival the most accomplished apothecary. Another blow that leaves me disadvantaged and struggling to gain the upper ground.

What can be said? The prices are the last attack I can withstand. So low and affordable are they, I have the notion to double my order just to feel as though I’m not taking advantage. The portions you receive for the low cost is unmatched in any land to which I have traveled. For less than $5 an entire meal is purchased. My usual funds would have procured me enough to feed myself and two apprentices.

I will be returning to Harold’s Prize Package, not for retaliation for their victory over this ninja, but for another chance to enjoy the experience!


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