After a much-too-long hiatus, the Farmer’s Market Grab Bag is back to spotlight the perfect merchant to keep you cool this Saturday, with temperatures expected to reach 90 degrees. Abundant Life, run by Victor and Erica Gruebler, provides homemade nut and coconut butters, loose-leaf tea, and both hot and iced tea to market-goers every Saturday morning.

The item that got my attention as I was walking around the Downtown Topeka Farmer’s Market was Abundant Life’s tea. Abundant Life has jars and jars of colorful loose leaf tea that is sold for two dollars an ounce (about one-quarter to one-half cup, depending on the tea). The smells coming from the jar teased my nose, and Victor offered to steep a cup of tea for me (Abundant Life sells glasses of both hot and iced tea for $1.25). I tried the ginger-peach tea, and the strong flavor made drinking hot tea on a hot
day totally worth it.

The Grueblers decided to start Abundant Life when they were having troubles finding all natural nut butters and organic tea in Topeka. “We had to drive to Kansas City to get tea. We like tea, so we figured there are a lot of other people who like tea as well,” Victor recalls. The tea sold by Abundant Life comes from Asia, India, and China. All of the tea is organic, and most is from fair-trade sources, which means the companies pay their workers a fair wage and take care of the farmers.

Abundant Life has two different iced teas every Saturday, and this weekend will be the perfect time to let a cup of organic iced tea make the heat at the market a little more bearable.

[by Larissa Keller | photography by EJ Drake]

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