J+J Gallery Bar: BREW + BREW

J+J Gallery Bar in NOTO adds coffee, cocktails, tea and craft brew to their offerings. Brew and Brew. Buzz and Fuzz.
by // Kerrice

Reinvention is nothing new to Jona Rupnicki, co-owner of J+J Gallery Bar/Event Space located in NOTO. Almost ten years, John and her owned a biker bar in Emmett that halted due to a fire. In 2012 they reopened what was Ruffnecks as J+J’s, blending a neighborhood watering hole with the emerging arts district, showcasing art, bands and PBR’s in mason jars. Now, with the help of partners, friends and one Judd Henry Mason, they’re adding another layer: gourmet coffee, tea, cocktails and craft beers.

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“Come on down to NOTO to get your morning BUZZ or evening FUZZ on at J+J’s,” wrote Jona on her Facebook announcement of the soft launch taking place Friday, January 5 during First Friday ArtWalk. The grand opening is scheduled for January 15. Keeping true to respected roots, the will be serving Native American Roaster Stone Mother (Nevada) and Hugo teas (Kansas City).

This has been an idea of Jona’s since J+J’s opened and thanks to hard work, planning, hustling and a grant from Go Topeka, her idea has come to fruition.

I have been wanting to do this for a while, I finally decided I just needed to get it done and go for it. Hopefully Topeka appreciates the dynamic duo, Brew & Brew,” wrote Jona.
Getting to the finish line including bartending school, barista training, installing new taps and other small business enhancements. Six taps were installed last month and featured brews currently include KC Lite and SOB, a limited-release from Utah-based microbrewery Epic Brewing Co. and KC’s The Roasterie. The Kansas edition of Son of a Baptist (8% ABV) is an imperial stout that showcases the complex flavor profile of the small-batch coffees.
With the new additions and hours, J+J’s is not abandoning their walls, which is supporting live music and art in Topeka. J+J’s features a wide-range of live music offerings each weekend including hip hop, blue grass, rock, blues, Americana and more.
There are several coffee shops in Topeka who offer alcohol upgrades, such as PT’s College Hill, Blackbird and Pizagels; J+J’s is the first of its kind in Topeka, to our knowledge, that will be a full fledged bar adding gourmet coffee.

915 S Kansas Ave.

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