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Seasonal Allergies

Saturday, December 8 @ 7 PM

Seasonal Allergies


The holidays are all about family, right?! That is ‘til you take in your heartbroken brother, offer him a place to stay for a few days, only to turn around and find your home flipped upside down and your brother taking an extended vacation on your couch. Find out what really happens when a little brother outstays his welcome, and a loving family tries to show him how to move on.

Do you have Seasonal Allergies? You might be experiencing the symptoms of them and not even know it. Seasonal Allergies tend to show themselves right around the holidays: do you feel a tickle in the back of your throat when you realize your vegetable dishes cooked faster than you thought, and now they’re ready a full hour before the turkey will be out of the oven? Do your eyes water uncontrollably after you’ve nearly broken your back climbing into the attic to find the Christmas lights (and then discover that only half the strand lights up)? Do you find yourself overheated when family members decide to extend their vacation and “hang out” for a few more days in your home?

Then you, my friend, have got Seasonal Allergies. And you are not alone! 9 out of 10 people have Seasonal Allergies, but nobody has a case worse than Julia Shelby and her brother Peter. So get ready to laugh away your throat tickle, and clear your sinuses with a healthy dose of Holiday Fun.

A HILARIOUS HOLIDAY COMEDY by Katherine DiSavino and Kevin Mead. Produced by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.