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Short Story contest about your best friend! What did you think when you rescued your pet and brought her home? When you rescued your furry or feathered friend with the amazing eyes? You thought you were being a good person– someone who was just helping make the world a better place. Then your own world was rocked in unexpected ways. You became one of those people with dog pictures on your phone. The “no dogs on the couch” gave way to “here’s your couch” or “I’ll move over so you fit on your side of the bed.” Maybe you now understand that cats were truly appreciated by the ancients because of the way your kitty seems to tilt his head and read your mind and then…ignore your requests. Tell us how you became an advocate for your best friend or his entire rescue shelter, or maybe just how that one small heartbeat saved yours. Tell your story. A percentage of sales of our finished published collection will go to vetted organizations including but not limited to Atlanta DREAM Dachshund Rescue, Heartland Beagle and Basset Rescue and Ray of Hope KCK.
Winners of our story contest will receive publication, along with a copy of the book. Winning stories will also be featured in both soft cover and eBook editions in 2020 titled, “Who Saved Who: Tales of Rescue.” This book includes a page about each author — including a link to your author page on our website.

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