Villains Dance – Live at Gayle’s

Event Details

Villains Dance is the Ultimate 80s Party/Arena Rock Experience. The 80s was an era where excess and decadence were GOOD and hair was even better…or at least bigger. Party/Arena Rock personified this! Songs were bolder, stage shows were more elaborate and music videos redefined our perception of music completely.
The 80s wasn’t just about bands standing on stage playing good music. It was a PERFORMANCE. It is noted as the GREATEST DECADE of Rock. The 80s was a PARTY!
Villains Dance delivers a high-energy celebration of this era. Our show and song lists entice everyone to get on their feet to dance, laugh and party with us.
Powerful and precise vocals, blazing shred guitars, thundering base, and monstrous drums combined with a “true to era” state of the art light show including video screen backdrops will make you believe you are in the 80s.