November First Friday David Zlotky

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Celebrate the photographs of David Zlotky with us, as well as the Holiday season! David says of his photographs:
“I have been creating art in one form or another for as far back as I can remember. For a number of years, I was a full-time painter and my work is in the collections of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the Truman Library, and the Air Force Art Collection. Now, I use a painter’s esthetics to create my photographs. The work has been displayed at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the MPLS Center for Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
I create photographs because they allow me to share bits and pieces of the world that I find beautiful, inspiring and imbued with the spirit of a hidden story. If it’s the ruins of an old stone house in the Flint Hills, who lived there? If it’s morning sun through the leaves of an old oak, it’s light transforming a pasture into a place of magic. Inspiration is everywhere.
I spend many hours printing my work, treating my photographs much as I did my paintings, adjusting contrast here and there, sharpening or blurring an edge, finessing the composition and much more. I do all of the printing myself, on archival, fine art paper.
For me, art is a journey, a story waiting to be told. It becomes a collaboration when you choose a print for your collection and display it in your home or office. I feel honored when you do.”