18th Annual Holiday Open House and Craft Show

Event Details

This event is November 23, 9-4 and November 24, 11-4.
Well our vendor spots are full. Except if you’d like outside.
Her are the following vendors we have..
*Kristi Leonard-Happy Monkey..bath bombs, soaps, lip balm etc.
*Nicole Murray-Red Aspen
*Wanda Metzger-Mary Kay
*Sherrie Dick-Jewelry
*Darla Covert-Food
*Dawn Ross-Crafts
*Sandy Butler-Towels
*Mary McConnel-Totes
*Shirley Darby-Fudge
*Vickie Dresser-Tumblers
*Sharon Easterling-Paparazzi
*Marla Moore McKinley-Color Street
*Evelyn Rocha-Food
*Cheryl Burkhead- Honey(Saturday)
*Cammie Doherty-Neora Skin Care
*Lacy Klenken-Handmade Antlers, Brass Jewelry, Homemade canned goods, soap
*Stephaine Blaker-Crafts
*Stacha Howbert-Crafts
*Melinda Bergstrom-Candy
*Belinda Dittmer-Jewelry
*Diana Smith-Crafts
*Glad Giggous-Crafts
*Terry Stauffer-Antiques
*Sarah Giggous-Crafts
*Kristi’s Kreations-shirts etc..
*Barbara Burkhardt-Crafts
*Debbie Burkhardt-Crafts
*Gina Rhône-Blankets, Pillows, etc…
*Cheryl Merrill-Revitalu