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SHOP LOCAL; a nebulous concept?

It’s a common refrain to “Shop Local.” From Small Business Saturday, which proceeds the now blighted Black Friday to the impetus of seveneightfive; to support locally-owned businesses, we suspect you, out of anyone, truly believes in showing local pride and support with dollars spent locally.

But for many, the phrase “Shop Local” can be somewhat nebulous. Especially when Amazon is always in your back pocket and local retail shops  sporadically dot our city landscape, practically begging for their own treasure map and key.


That’s why seveneightfive is here. To help guide and position unique, local gifts right under your nose and within your finger purchasing reach. We hope you find something perfect, for someone special or your special self. CHEERS!

This list is ever-growing and by no means comprehensive. It represents only the best things we have seen and reviewed thus far. If you’d like to submit a gift-idea or be featured, please email [email protected]

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