Hip Hop + Slam Poetry

Hip Hop + Slam Poetry + historic Topeka venue. Featured performers Ebony Tusks and 3-time national award winning slam poet Matt Spezia host a showcase

Pick Up Lines

Laugh Lines – The “Films” Show, January 5 + 6. Part of their 25th Anniversary Season, will feature film shorts like this, created by Berkeley Square in 2014. Get tickets at

FEB 13 – 19

ANGEL ROMERO // FEB 12 – 18 Angel is a smiling face many know. From his work with the United Way to his leadership at

Porters of the Caribbean

Ale brewed for the adventurous Pirate spirit in all of us. For this brew we chose an English heritage barley named Chevallier, first selected for

FEB 6 – 12

LUKE DOMME // FEB 6 – 12 Author of “The Confluence” a western horror novel and numerous collections of short stories. (“The Rejected Works” is

To Eat, Or Not To Eat

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question Gov. Sam Brownback is asking Kansans to fast and pray on his last full day


Washburn Rural High School Theatre presents the musical “Big Fish!” based on the 1998 novel “Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic  Proportions” by Daniel Wallace

Grandmothers Club Reunion

In the 1970s everyone was getting down at Grandmothers, according to Mark Toelkes from the band Mark + The Sharks and co-host of Grandmothers Club

JAN 23 – 29

JENNIFER GOETZ // JAN 23 – 29 By day she is “a leading member of a fierce group of people who champion, demonstrate and facilitate