Aptly dubbed, Spoken Thought is making hip-hop that makes you think while you are hit with a wave of infectious sound. Today, the local artist released his newest album, “Brain Food,” and we second the sentiments of the track “Love the A.N.T.” (featuring Anthemous): “Turn it up, man! Make it louder, man!”

Spoken Thought is emcee and musician, David Chronister, from Topeka. Spoken started on the piano at four years old and quickly moved to the string bass by ten. Five years later he picked up the guitar and began looping tracks shortly afterwards. During the past 10 years, Spoken Thought has established himself as one of the most versatile emcee/producers in the midwest.

“Brain Food” features clever turns of phrases, both musically and intellectually. It’s also dedicated to a beloved Topeka activist, Micah Rolfs, who passed away over a year ago. Its songs are well worth a listen and even more so a download, so you can take the beats with you throughout the capital city. This is Top City summer music.

[ July 2011 | seveneightfive ]


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