As part of seveneightfive’s ongoing quest to keep you up to date on all the fresh tunes originating from the Topeka area, we’d like to bring to your attention the latest CD release from Dream Killer University member Nick Patterson AKA Anthemous.

Entitled Illuminated, this is only the latest of several musical endeavors Anthemous has brought forth over the years. And make no mistake about this one:

Illuminated will be available everywhere!

To better prepare you for when this disc hits the streets, I coerced my staff into working  over the weekend to create a musical/pictorial montage of a few tracks from the CD.  You can watch it here. To better acquaint you with the artist and his work, we’ve asked him a few questions. You can read it here.

6Q w/Anthemous

Is this your first release as Anthemous?

This is my first release on the Internet. I’ve been doing this for awhile. When I first got into music, there were none of these “basement studios.” You had to pay, or someone had to really believe in your talent to give you the time of day.
Thankfully, I fell into the latter category. But I’ve released a full length LP titled: “Power Of Influence.” It was my first release that wasn’t a CD-R with sharpie all over it. But I’ve had since then a free download mixtape called, “The Half-Tape.” It was a mix of productions by me and some by internet producers.  I’ve always liked Just Blaze as a producer and whenever I could find a beat that emulated his sound, I went for it. But as far as getting picked up by the major online retailers, yes this would be my ‘debut.’

Describe how you create your beats and rhymes.

 In the past, I used to write to nothing and then find or make a beat to fit. This is why if you ever get hold of older material, my delivery is real discussive (is that a word?). It sounds like I’m talking nonchalantly to the listener. My writing style developed around that train of thought. Nowadays, I find some sounds, put them together, program some drums behind it, arrange it to the length I want each verse and chorus to be; I pop my headphones on so my entire psyche is consumed by the sound, and write. It may only take me a few minutes to write a full song if I’m on a roll. Otherwise, you might see me with a finished song from the beat to the writing to the final mixdown in maybe two hours. It comes from a place that makes me feel . . . Amazing.

Who has been your biggest supporter of your music?

 To be honest, I don’t even know. I mean my woman has always supported me, but one should expect that. At least I hope it’s a normalcy issue. But as far as people out and about? I don’t know, it’s hard to tell, I didn’t grow up in Topeka, so if I put on a show, it’s not like I can call all of my childhood friends and school chums and hope for even a percentage of attendance. Being an “outsider” doesn’t help my case with the law of averages. You know what? A lot of other bands and acts and venue owners are the ones who like me a lot. Although, I would like to see a conversion between people who leave positive feedback and people at my show. I’m still grateful for the “taste makers” Because they enjoy my music the most.

What have you been listening to lately?

Honestly? I have been listening to NPR and Jim Croce. No joke, I love Jim Croce. He had an honesty in his music, and given the current state of economy and the way we’ve been treating each other lately, he speaks the most to how I view the world around me. I’m going back to early Jack Johnson too. He’s got a minimalist sound that leaves the focus on his content, which is pretty rich. Banana Pancakes? Hell yeah!

My woman and I are adopting babies, so I don’t have a lot of room in my life for music without meaning right now. It’s hard to find the space in my head for hip hop nowadays. I don’t like to hear about money being spent precariously, or that this guy or that girl is hood.

My biggest pet peeve is the saying, “Keeping It Real.” It doesn’t help the state of affairs folks in the “hood” have to face. It actually depletes them of a solution through the means in which one could reach them best: through music. If you could find a Will Smith language discipline, with a Nas or Common awareness, that would probably be the most “real” message the underprivileged need to hear. However, it’s only my opinion.

How can people get your release, “Illuminated.”

 It’s going to be released in early May on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, iLike, Rhapsody,, Zune, Virgin Mega, Deezer, and get this, Fox News? I’m not kidding! Just look for Anthemous after May 1st.

Do you have any shows coming up?

I’m competing in Ultimate Hip Hop KC in April 24. And I’ve got a gig in Omaha in May. A few showcases throughout the year. I haven’t booked in Topeka for 2012 because I want to make sure I have a good lineup with me. Like I said, I don’t have that ready-made fan base full of lifelong buddies here in the T.O.P. I work hard, so if you see a flyer or a show invite online with my name on it, just come and check it out. I try to make it worth it by performing my heart out.


[March 2012 | Robin “Puff Phat Z ”  Cremer]



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