Table Talk Games Game Night
Third Friday | 6 – 9p
Flying Monkey | 17th + Washburn

It’s Friday night, and while some people may be getting dressed to hit up a club, I’m sitting at a table in a packed house at Flying Monkey Handcrafted Brews, 1625 SW Washburn Ave. I’m not here to grab a drink (well, not only to grab a drink), but rather to take part in a launch event for Table Talk Games, a new locally owned and operated game business coming to the market in an unexpected way.

“It’s a straight rip off of the Tupperware business model, really,” says Brandon Henry, one of the owners and founders of Table Talk. “You get your friends and family together and we’ll bring the games!”

A direct marketing-style game business means that customers can be introduced to new board, card, and dice games in an interactive environment where you can play (no purchase necessary) to find out what these games are really like.

“You can find your flavor of game,” says Aaron Scott, the other owner and founder, “and it helps people get past the ‘sticker-shock’ of the price and try out some really good games.”

At our table, we try out games like Ticket To Ride and Zombie Dice – and we had so much fun that at least one person at the table ended up buying a copy of each of the games. After the event ended, we were all still talking about how enjoyable the experience was and what other games we would like to try in the future.

If this event was any indication, there will be plenty more to choose from soon. Flying Monkey enjoyed having Brandon and Aaron in their space so much that they’ve already arranged to have them come back on the third Friday of every month for more game nights.

You can host a game night of your own at your home or business – a great way to get your group of friends together or increase customer traffic at a commercial venue – just contact the guys at Table Talk Games at

[Story by Tony Davis | Photography by Josh Rouse | June 2012]

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