youngblood brings new life to a once aging Topeka business.

Not all that long ago, I was a 90s teen who would spend hours listening to CDs. I was always trying to keep up with what MTV told me was cool, but I also listened to a lot of classic rock and older jazz. So in addition to mail-order companies (remember those?), I was always on the hunt for someplace to buy the old stuff locally. In 1998 that place opened, and soon became a strip-mall oasis for Topeka music lovers. The first CD Tradepost, 1570 SW Wanamaker, offered little more than row after row of used CDs – but that was okay, I wanted used CDs (and lots of them). I guess I wasn’t alone in my wants, because the place was always busy and soon began to grow their offerings. I can remember buying new music from local bands there in the early 2000s, along with used DVDs and video games. But then, sadly, I stopped going to Tradepost. Maybe it was because I started listening to digital music. Maybe because I began streaming most of my movies. Either way, my old friend CD Tradepost and I lost touch. That is, until recently.

New owner, Travis Youngblood, is a retail veteran with a vision for the future that starts with the name: CD Tradepost is now Tradepost Entertainment. The name is the first of many changes being made by Youngblood. He is updating and improving Tradepost’s movie, music, and game selection while adding brand new titles and, as he says, “doing a better job of stocking what people want to buy.” To that end, Tradepost is now offering a selection of new vinyl records at the Wanamaker store which they expand every week. Currently that store has over 200 LPs that reflect a wide variety of genres, from classics to new releases. Tradepost also has a smaller selection of vinyl at every store that will also continue to grow. There are plans to revamp their website during this year and remodel stores, starting with Downtown, 826 S. Kansas Ave, which is slated to be complete within the next 90 days. Youngblood is working with HTK Architects on all the remodels and said that he is using as much local material and labor as possible in creating the new looks.

“I am passionate about entertainment and believe that if you are going to do something you should do it right,” said Youngblood when asked about his expansion plans and future. They will remain focused on their 12 current stores throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa for the near future, improving their traditional value-priced relevant offerings plus introducing and testing new products like t-shirts, gift merchandise, and anything else suitable for their customers. Once the mix is perfected, Youngblood plans to further extend Tradepost regionally.

by Brandon Rison | April 2015

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