A couple of musicians with old school Topeka roots,  are coming back strong, when CRISIS 3.0 hits the Celtic Fox stage Saturday June 18, for a night of serious rock!

Formed in 2001 in Olathe, Kansas; CRISIS 3.0, are a power trio that loves it loud and loves to rock. Original and cover rock – hard!

Chris Myers on CRISIS 3.0’s Topeka Roots:

“Steve Kuker and I first met at KU Karate club. He had heard of me as the bass player for Alchemy. He was just starting his band Patriarch when I broke his foot sparing. After Alchemy lost our record deal with Geffen, and Patriarch folded, we started playing in So What back in the . . . College Hill days. After that band folded, we both left Topeka for professional reasons. We both got out of music for a few years, until the curse to play hit again. That was the birth of CRISIS.”

The band’s debut CD entitled No Mercy is available, although the bands sound has transformed considerably over the years since its initial release some years ago. In describing the current musical status of the band, Chris has this to say,

“You know we all came from the big hair 80s, so the original CRISIS sound has some of that influence obviously, but now we’re a lot more contemporary; kind of a cross between Disturbed and Stone Sour, with a little bit of Queensryche thrown in.”

When asked about what the Celtic Fox crowd should expect the night of the 18th, when they see CRISIS 3.0, Myers responds,

“They will just be surprised at how big we sound. It doesn’t really matter what size of venue we’re in, and it’s not just volume. We just seem to have the right personnel that even though we’re a three piece band, it’s big and it’s full. So I’ll think they’ll be impressed.”

With an as yet untitled CD scheduled for release for the end of July that’s being produced by the illustrious Paul Schneider of Rundown Studios, you won’t want to miss this rare T-town appearance by CRISIS 3.0.

CRISIS 3.0 is:

Chris Myers – Bass, Vocals
Lonnie West – Guitars, Vocals
Steve Kuker – Drums, Vocals

Brought to you by Bloodline Productions.

[June 2011 | Robin Cremer & Les Roediger | photo courtesy of Crisis 3.0]


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