Watch Bud Light’s Behind the Bar Andy Butler in full action and party with seveneightfive – just because.

Stretch Andy Butler’s 15 minutes of fame beyond the pages of seveneightfive, and have a Bud Light with him at Tailgator’s, 21st & Urish, on February 9 from 7 – 9 pm.

Also watch the hockey coach’s show LIVE and enjoy some delicious Taligator’s grub. (We love the nachos!)

Great Bud Light Specials include $2 draws and $3 aluminums.

Be one of the first 40 visitors (21+ only) to let us know what you love about Bud Light and seveneightfive and your first small Bud Light draw or soda is on our tab!

Thanks to our Behind the Bar 2011 Sponsor: Bud Light.  – The Official Home of Drinkability

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