This is just a partial list of happenings in T-town this weekend. Click here for a more comprehensive list compiled by seveneightfive’s own (her name is) Rio.

Halloween weekend, October 28 and 29, Topeka hard rock and metal aficionados will be able to get their treat bag filled with a wide assortment of deliciously distorted ear candy, when local, regional and national bands, The Artificial Red, My Fathers Gun, Eleven After, Invictus, KrashKarma, the Fortress, Midnight Ghost Train, and Jucifer invade the city for two nights of ear splitting – ground shaking – no holds barred – doom laden – in your face – carreening out of control – hard rock and roll music.  Oh, Joy!!

Starting the weekend off on the North side of town, Lawrence bands, the Artificial Red and My Fathers Gun rock the recently renamed One More Bar and Grill, formerly the Throttleback, formerly Stingers, etc.

artificial redThe Artificial Red is a four piece band that describes their music as “epic, catchy, and will stick in your head all day and the next . . .”

It’s always a treat, when My Fathers Gun bring their two-guitar assualt team to the city. Despite the fact they look like they’d takemfg you out for even thinking of playing in standard tuning, the members of My Fathers Gun are some of the nicest guys who’s pleased to meet you.. And they also have the distinction of being the only band playing this weekend connected to seveneightfive by . . . blood! (muhahaha!)


If you didn’t get enough Friday, get over to downtown Topeka Saturday night for Topeka’s first Hardcore Halloween Hullabaloo when neighboring venues, the Kansan Grill and Blue Planet Café will host hardcore and metal acts from all over the country. (really)

I really hope the Blue Planet has Allstate Insurance because from what I’ve read about two of the bands performing there Saturday night; Mayhem will reign supreme before the nights end.

juciferFrom Georgia, nomadic rockers, Jucifer have been a gang of two since 1993. Consisting of Gazelle Amber Valentine on guitar and vocals and Edgar Livengood on drums and guitar, the band has been on the road for over a decade. Utilizing a literal wall of sound (speakers approximately 10 feet high and 15 feet wide), Jucifers self described brand of doom laden sludge rock will follow Topeka rockers, The Midnight Ghost Train; a band that “tours 10 months out of the year . . .  U.S. Europe, and soon Australia and South Africa.” Making a rare T-town appearance opening for their friends from Georgia, MGT is Steve Moss on guitars and vocals, Brandon Burghart on drums and David Kimmell on bass and describe their brand of rock and roll as “thick sludge with some good old desert rock fuzziness.”




The Fortress will open the evening at 7 p.m. sharp and there will be a measley six dollar cover charge.

Down the street at the Kansan Grill is where you’re gonna catch Eleven After, Invictus and Krashkarma for an evening of hard rock and metal music that will definitely rock your zombiefied face off.

From Overbrook, KS, Eleven After, recent students of Paul Schneider’s University of Hard Rock, AKA Rundown Studios, ‘is gaining a bit of experience every show that they play. This band is unique in many ways and they will continue to throw AMAZING shows and entertain you through the music that they love to create.”


Second on the bill, a band who released my favorite song of the summer, One More Addiction, Invictus from Topeka,KS, featuring rock cop Jayme Green and the great R.J. Soldani. Seveneightfive called their Rundown Studio produced CD released in July,

One of the most sonically, lyrically and musically satisfying discs I’ve heard from a local artist in a long time. This is the one you put on when someone tells you that the only good thing that came out of Kansas was . . . well, Kansas.



And finally, from L.A., Krashkarma are making their second visit to Topeka this year. Krash’s Straight To The Blood is possibly my second favorite release of 2011 (right after Foo Fighters Wasting Light). An album of leaping ralffcrunchy guitar riffs, cool electronica and some of the most honest lyrics you’ll ever find. Frontman Ralf Dietel says his lyrics are derived from life’s experiences.

I get inspired by life in general . . . Tears of Gasoline was inspired by a friend who’s partner just died in an accident. The pain of losing somebody and dealing with the past, and move on to the future is what it’s about . . . in a way I feel that’s what life is about many times.

You’ll want to check out KrashKarma’s second video from STTB, Take The Money, which was filmed on the streets of Las Vegas, and features the dangerously beautiful Nicole Skistimas and a whole lot of guns and money. Of the video shoot the band posted on their FB page:

“Keep in mind, running around in Vegas with automatic weapons can be quite fun, but dangerous!!! Kids, don’t try this at home…”

The Kansan Grill show starts at 8 p.m. and is an all ages show, with five dollar advance tickets and ten dollars at the door. You must show I.D. to get a wristband that shows you are old enought to embibe.

And of course there’s the Halloween Dance Party and Costume Contest  with our friend, DJ S. Ranx, and that’s going on down the street at the Celtic Fox.

Get out and support Topeka Wild Life this Halloween weekend.  What a great time for original hard rock music in downtown Topeka; with so much musical madness to choose from your head just might start spinning like Linda Blair in the Exorcist!

[October 2011 | Robin Cremer]

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