Magic Garden Philadelphia

Magic Garden Philadelphia

Renowned Mosaic Mural Artist, Isaiah Zagar, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, will participate in an artist residency in Topeka June 4 – 15, 2015 and lead workshops to better enhance Topeka urban art and artists.

Zagar will lead a workshop on June 6 + 7 teaching Topeka artists his techniques of mural building to help in the construction of an 80′ long mural in NOTO Arts District.

Additionally, the public can view 17 of Zagar’s small tile mosaic pieces at the Mulvane Art Museum, showing now ’til August 8. An artist talk and reception is June 11 from 5:30 – 7:30p.

Zagar’s work can be found on more than 200 walls in the nation and the world.  While a trained artist, Isaiah has been heavily influenced by such folk artists as Clarence Schmidt, Simon Rodia and SP Dinsmoor, creator of the Garden of Eden in Lucas, KS.

A Zagar bus trip to Lucas Kansas is planned for June 12 + 13 to visit the Garden of Eden and the Grassroots Arts Center. S.P. Dinsmoor, the folk artist who developed the Garden of Eden between 1907 and 1928, is an inspiration of Zagar. To register for the workshop, bus trip or other events, click here.

“My work is marked by events and is a mirror of the mind that is building and falling apart, having a logic but close to chaos, refusing to stay still for the camera, and giving one a sense of heaven and hell simultaneously. It is an impossible place, but you can visit and smile and know that it exists somewhere. Now you know that place is in Philadelphia, and you knew it all along, didn’t you?” said Zagar of his work.

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