Parallel Views: Works by Giovanetti & Pezzino
Through Mar. 18 | Mulvane Art Museum | 1700 SW Jewell

After a brief closure of the Mulvane Art Museum for the installation of a new HVAC system, (and perhaps they did need to catch their breath after last year’s wildly successful Lego exhibit) the museum has reopened with a show by artists Miguel Angel Giovanetti of Buenos Aires, Argentina and Fernando Pezzino, Topeka, Kansas.

In her Director’s Statement for the show’s catalog, Cindi Morrison provides definitions for the broad parameters set by the exhibit’s title:

Parallel (paŕ•al•lel): a. continuously at equal distance apart; precisely corresponding; similar; n. a line equidistant from another; a comparison; a thing exactly like another; a comparison; a line of latitude.

View (vũ): n. sight, inspection by eye or mind; power of seeing; range of sight; what is seen; pictured representation of a scene; manner of looking at anything.

Guest Curator, Michael Hager, Assistant Professor with the WU Art Department expands on this definition by explaining the relationship between the two artists:

“Giovanetti is a mentor and friend of Fernando Pezzino, and together, they have fostered a close personal and professional relationship, and this exhibit is one of the results of this unique bond. The personalities, creativity and artistic talent of these two extraordinary artists are the true parallels of this show.”

The viewer will be struck by the geometric forms and use of bold color in these pieces. You’re invited to visit the Mulvane Art Museum for the show. Hours are Tuesday, 10a-7p; Wednesday through Friday, 10a-5p (First Friday of each month, the museum is open until  8p for the Art Walk); Saturday and Sunday 1p-4p; closed on Monday and holidays. For more information, please visit the Mulvane Art Museum website.

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