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Twilight Of The Golds

Homosexuality, bigotry, ethical responsibility for genetic research... How much have we really progressed as a society to know what power these stereotypes have and how they do or do not effect our everyday lives? Subliminal choices and ideas push and pull us ...
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words on food

Intoxication and immediacy: That’s what the RowHouse Poetry Revue is all about. Intoxication in the way your senses are completely enveloped in every fashion. Immediacy in the way that you can’t escape the atmosphere of creativity and, even if you could, you w...
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Don’t Call it a Comeback

You no longer have the contingency of having to wait at the train crossing to get to C.W. Porubsky’s Deli, so there is no excuse not to make it for lunch regularly, not to mention that as of October 1, it’s chili season. Porubsky’s chili starts on a small g...
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because laughing does matter

Laughing Matters TCTA's Own Improvisational Comedy Company Live entertainment, cheaper than a movie...and you can drink! Join the fastest growing audience in Topeka for a night of fast-paced improvisational comedy that you won't forget. LAUGHING MATT...
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If you yearn for the days when gas was less then fifty cents a gallon, Nixon was still in office and Midnight Special and Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert were the bastions of late night music shows, then get your bell bottoms on, lace up your earth shoes, and boo...