restaurant week comes to Topeka

Note: For Capital City Restaurant Week menu, visit the special seveneightfive menu page.

The first time I experienced a “restaurant week,” I was in Washington D.C. (also for the first time) for a full week of training for my previous position for a federal government program. It was a pure coincidence that the training was held the same week, and my dad and his wife, who had both just retired from working for the Feds for around 30 years each wanted to go with me. My father is protective like that. Plus, my stepmom, who had been based in D.C. for several months wanted to catch up with friends there.

We checked into our hotel just blocks away from the White House (if you’ve never been, nearly everyplace is just “blocks away” from the White House), and got information from the concierge about the District Restaurant Week. I don’t think I’ve ever dined out so well in my life! And the prices were “adjusted” to provide an elegant dining experience for those who may otherwise scoff at the prices of fine dining. From Dupont Circle, to Foggy Bottom to the Harbor, we enjoyed food made from the local bounty, (my favorite: crab cakes with fried green tomatoes). I got a taste and tour of the District that helped me make my food choices for the subsequent four weeks of training I’d be spending there over the following year. What a fabulous way, I thought, to get to know a place! And although I do not recall which charity benefited from Restaurant Week in the District, I know there was one, so that always feels good. (I also learned that in the District, you immediately give your leftovers to the first homeless person you see.)

I have since attended a few Restaurant Weeks in Kansas City that benefit Harvesters Community Food Network, a national non-profit organization working locally to stock food banks, distribute food and nutrition services to families and individuals in need through referral agencies, and increase awareness of hunger issues in our community. Harvesters is now operating a food bank in Topeka, and has partnered with local restaurants, coffee shops and bars & grills to bring you Capital City Restaurant Week (CCRW).

CCRW will be held from September 21 through September 30.  Restaurants that have signed up so far include:

  • P.T.’s Coffee Roasting Co. (also known as The Flying Monkey) | 17th & Washburn
  • Annie’s Place | 4014 SW Gage Center Dr.
  • Blue Moose Bar & Grill | 3030 SW Wanamaker Rd.
  • Casa Authentic Mexican Foods | 3320 SW Topeka Blvd.
  • Juli’s Coffee & Bistro | 4010 Huntoon (Gage Village)
  • Old Chicago | 1231 SW Wanamaker Rd.
  • Perkin’s Restaurant & Bakery | 1720 SW Wanamaker Rd.
  • Qdoba Mexican Grill | 1025 SW Wanamaker Rd.
  • Taco Casa | 1423 SW 6th St.

These restaurants are offering specials for the customers, and then 10% of proceeds will benefit Harvesters. More locations are being added. Check the event Facebook page for updates and additional information. Explore your city, enjoy some delicious food, and give to a great cause all at once.

[ Story by Rio Cervantes-Reed | Image submitted ]

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