oculto reveals layered flavors

With a growing beer market competing for the attention of sophisticated drinkers, it’s not surprising that brewery giant Anheuser Busch (AB) of St. Louis, MO turns to a gimmick. In the case of  Oculto (Spanish for hidden) they reveal a sparkly beer infused with blue agave nectar and aged on tequila staves. If that sounds[…]

mug shot: Feeling Fruity

Everyone knows someone who hates tomatoes, but likes ketchup, salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc. I’m that way with grapefruit. I cringe at the thought of eating one. But grapefruit juice? I would almost say there is nothing better than a cold tall glass of pink grapefruit juice. And now I have two more drinkable grapefruit options:[…]

mug shot: belgium anew

Upon hearing that I was to try more samples from New Belgium, I was under the assumption I would be reviewing the latest direct-to-DVD films of Jean Claude Van Damme. Undeterred by my mistake, I decided to multitask the imbibing of New Belgium Brew Co.’s latest creations with the viewing of Universal Soldier Part IV:[…]

local breweries collaborate for American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week celebrates the independent spirit, craftsmanship, and community fostered by the American Craft Brewer. In honor of American Craft Beer Week, Blind Tiger Brewery of Topeka has collaborated with two Lawrence breweries, Free State Brewing Co. and 23rd Street Brewery to create Smoke on the Wheat beer. Head Brewers Geoff Deman (Free[…]

cocktails | monkey style

PT’s at College Hill, 17th & Washburn (fondly known as the Flying Monkey, or just “The Monkey”) introduced its new cocktail menu to a select group of friends and loyal customers at a recent gathering. Already a mecca for coffee and craft beer lovers, seveneightfive invites those seeking out new liquor treatments to re-visit the[…]