spring rolls

I brought these to seveneightfive’s third anniversary party, and nearly two years later, publisher Kerrice Mapes won’t shut up about them. Seriously, she needs to change the subject! She’s all, peanut sauce this and spring roll that. I don’t blame her, though. They’re really, really good. Full disclosure: these spring rolls do nothing for me[…]

Kerri’s Famous Guac + Chips

Kerri might want to rethink her status as life of the party when she shows up with this. The guacamole and home-fried chips will surely steal her limelight! Guacamole: Ingredients: 4 – 5 medium avocados (Check for ripeness; a ripe avocado yields to gentle pressure when held in the palm of the hand and squeezed.)[…]

balsamic bruschetta

The lovely Erin Wynkoop submitted this elegant but easy recipe for your Super Bowl party. This will go nicely for those who may insist on drinking wine instead of beer, and with the pinky finger sticking out, no less. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 yellow onion, finely diced 1-3 cloves crushed garlic 1 12oz[…]

chocolate martini

Cocktail brought to you by Ice + Olives: Your Party Headquarters ***Recipe from the former “Vintage” Club**** 2 parts Stoli Vanilla Vodka 1 part Bailey’s 1 part Godiva White Choc Liquere 1 part Kahlua Shake with crushed ice. You can drizzle the inside of glass with a thin stream of chocolate and/or use a powdered[…]