omne trium perfectum

  A,B,C. 1,2,3. The power of three dominates writing and design principles and suggests that when things come in threes they are more effective and satisfying. The power of three entities combines both brevity and rhythm, while being simple and catchy. Brewmaster John Dean, Blind Tiger Brewery + Restaurant, harnessed this power when he invited[…]

guacamole mexicana

margaritas jalisoc The appetizer guacamole mexicana is typically a bowl of mashed avocados folded in with tomatoes, cilantro, and onions and is a much more enhanced side that will make you dream in green. Margaritas Jalisco’s guacamole mexicana, however, is what food porn is made of. The dip is deconstructed, served on a large serving[…]


Breakfast for lunch? After a recommendation, I agreed to pancakes at noon at Hanover Pancake House – why not? I was pleasantly surprised by how busy Hanover was, which usually means there will be something good served when the food arrives, so I got pretty excited… and then I saw their expansive menu. They had[…]

oculto reveals layered flavors

With a growing beer market competing for the attention of sophisticated drinkers, it’s not surprising that brewery giant Anheuser Busch (AB) of St. Louis, MO turns to a gimmick. In the case of  Oculto (Spanish for hidden) they reveal a sparkly beer infused with blue agave nectar and aged on tequila staves. If that sounds[…]

boss hawgs

Food Ninja Score: 3.0 Fists As the day becomes night and the energy that would be my foe unleashes its wrath into the dusk, I am beckoned by the aroma of a Topeka legend in the ways of western barbeque. I enter the portal into the cozy environment of Boss Hawg’s and I am faced[…]