Top City Ramblers – CD Release

A bottle of Whiskey, a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and four really talented musicians makes up the heart and soul of the Top City Ramblers. Willie Madl (vocals / guitar), David Liston (percussion), Dan Mauer (electric guitar) and Zachary Carr (standup bass) have only been together for a couple of years – but their[…]

5Q: Bridges

A prominent force in the Topeka music scene for more than 13 years, Bridges is comprised mainly of passionate musicians who have known each other for decades which continue to grow and change. Having just finished their second independently produced record, we can look forward to an album release event at the Fairlawn Classic Bean[…]

5Q: The Artificial Red

It is said not everyone grows up to be a professional athlete, astronaut, or rock star, but the guys from The Artificial Red aim to prove that wrong (the rock star thing, not the astronaut). Four guys raised in the Topeka area are on the verge of becoming professional musicians, and Bri Kraemer, Jay Deever,[…]

5Q: Slow Ya Roll

Slow Ya Roll is the go-to band for variety. Justin Fowler, keyboard/vocals, and Brian Schmutz, guitar, prowled around from open mike night to open mike night looking for a bass player and a drummer. Destiny soon gave them Sean Walker, bass guitar, and David Hysten, drummer. Eventually, Elvin Graves, vocals/hand-percussion, “snuck into the band” and[…]

5Q: Two Blue

The following interview by Tommy Anderson originally appeared in the December 1, 2011 issue of seveneightfive magazine. With the upcoming International Blues Festival, held January 31 through February 4 in Memphis, we wanted to share this with you and encourage you to root for Two Blue, who will perform in the solo/duo category. Two Blue,[…]

5Q: Chris Aytes & The Good Ambition

The following interview by Robin Cremer originally appeared in the April 15, 2011 issue of seveneightfive magazine. After the highly successful, “LOUDsoftLOUD,” music event held at the Boobie Trap on November 18, coordinated by Chris Aytes, we wanted to share this with you and encourage you to be on the outlook for upcoming, “LOUDsoftLOUD,” events.[…]

5Q: Topeka Tejano

Performing the music from their youth, Tejano band Paradize is celebrating 35 years of music-making this year. Growing up in the Oakland neighborhood, with a career older than most of the upstarts usually featured in the pages of seveneightfive, the members of Paradize can keep you entertained for hours with stories from the road. Featuring[…]

DKU / N.O.C.C. Freebie

N.O.C.C., AKA Travis Jenkins, hip-hop artist from Topeka, is offering a free download of his album, Cold Winter / Cold World. The album is thoughtful, introspective and has killer beats. It was produced by Dream Killer University’s Spoken Thought, who is also featured on a few of the tracks. seveneightfive thought this would be a[…]