joshua markley + byron goodspeed

GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE installation sculpture artists / brothers co-create and expand their own imagination and perception Although most artists work in solitude, installation sculpture artists and brothers Byron Goodspeed (Topeka) and Joshua Markley (Manhattan) have discovered that two minds are better than one. “We discovered a few years ago that we were both born[…]

boom comics

When I first met Matthew Kreger, owner of Boom Comics, at Topeka’s inaugural comic book convention, TopCon, last September. At that time, Boom Comics was on the drawing board, but Matthew’s charisma was center stage.  Several local comic retailers were represented at the event and everyone brought their best wares to show off. Even with[…]

bands + bbq

Topeka’s offerings of outdoor music venues is dismal, to say the least. While a handful of bars offer outdoor music spaces (and we thank you), Topeka truly lacks a larger outdoor venue space inside the city limits (think Kansas City’s Crossroads). That is, ‘til now. Bill Brading and Lee Browning, co-owners of Bill’s Diner, 2134[…]


Breakfast for lunch? After a recommendation, I agreed to pancakes at noon at Hanover Pancake House – why not? I was pleasantly surprised by how busy Hanover was, which usually means there will be something good served when the food arrives, so I got pretty excited… and then I saw their expansive menu. They had[…]

oculto reveals layered flavors

With a growing beer market competing for the attention of sophisticated drinkers, it’s not surprising that brewery giant Anheuser Busch (AB) of St. Louis, MO turns to a gimmick. In the case of  Oculto (Spanish for hidden) they reveal a sparkly beer infused with blue agave nectar and aged on tequila staves. If that sounds[…]

fancy ride

On a warm Sunday at Washburn University, the bell tower sounded at noon, riders rolled in on their two wheeled steeds, looking their finest for what some affectionately called “Bike Church.” Knickers pedaling a cargo bike, hauling a fedora festooned lady, a mountain bike with child in tow via trailer, and the bells announcing their[…]