ReThink returns

The 2nd Annual ReThink Topeka Exhibition and Art Walk will take place 1-6 p.m. Saturday April 9 at 6 venues and along the thoroughfares in Topeka’s downtown.

The Event

Local businesses will serve as venues for the display and performance of art created by over 100 regional and local artists. A large array of artwork will be showcased, including:

  • 2D visual art
  • music
  • film
  • poetry + prose

A variety of activities will occur throughout the afternoon, including activities geared toward entertaining and immersing children in art.

Handmade signs directing pedestrian traffic will mark the Art Walk route.

The location of the Art Walk is meant has special meaning to ReThink Topeka, which is a grassroots organization that seeks to enlighten Topekans and visitors about the positive aspects of the city.

“All the venues will emphasize the importance of downtown’s resurgence,” said Justin Marable, co-founder of ReThink Topeka. “Local eateries will provide refreshments at chosen venues, which will bring more local flavor to the event, stimulate the economy and produce an awareness of Topeka cuisine.”

The event is open to the public and asks for a $2 donation, which will give the attendee a handmade ReThink Topeka button and admission to all venues and activities.

Venues and Activities

  • Break Room (911 S. Kansas Ave.): film, music and youth art. Food for sale by the Break Room. Youth/Adult activity: make a city collage with provided materials.
  • Blue Planet Café (110 S.E. 8th Ave.): Artwork by regional artists, live music, readings and food provided by the Blue Planet Café. Youth/Adult activity: Linda Carson will do storytelling at 2, 4 and 5 p.m. Merchandise will be headquartered at Blue Planet, with ReThink Topeka shirts, chapbooks and Frisbees for sale.

    ReThink Topeka Chapbook for sale at the event

  • Jayhawk Tower (700 Southwest Jackson St.): Artwork by regional artists, live music, readings and food provided by the Brickyard Barn Inn.  The Jayhawk Theatre will be conducting tours of the theater throughout the afternoon. Youth/Adult activity: cookie decorating.
  • NexLynx (123 SW 6th Ave.): Artwork by regional artists will be on display. Youth/Adult activity: poetry workshop. Chapbooks featuring regional authors will be on sale at this location. Door prize provided by NexLynx.
  • Supersonic Music (117 S.E. 6th Ave.): Local musicians will perform out front.  Youth/Adult activity: chalking
  • Topeka Community Cycle Project (TCCP) (423 S. Kansas Ave.): Local craft and art group, the Craftavists have partnered with the TCCP to upcycle bike parts and materials in order to create handmade bicycle inspired art, which will be on display and for sale at this location
  • Music, chalk drawing and other activities will line the sidewalks during the event.

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2 thoughts on “ReThink returns

  • check out the great pieces that volunteers at the bike shop made during the TCCP / Craftavist Craft Parties:

    The Craftavists are passionate about merging art and activism. The Topeka Community Cycle Project is a volunteer-run community bike shop that is committed to the recycling, repurposing, and distribution of bicycles. The Craftavists and TCCP have partnered to upcycle bicycle parts and materials in order to create handmade bicycle inspired art. Over the past several months, the Craftavists and TCCP have been holding Craft Parties at the TCCP work and learning space in downtown Topeka. The events have engaged members of both organizations in creating art and community. The artwork will be available for sale during the Rethink Art Walk on April 9th at 423 S. Kansas Ave.

    see you on the 9th!

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